Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thank you Janet!!

Hi everyone!

My friend Janet spoiled me!  Look at what she gave me!

gift from janet
She gave me two sets of perfect pearls, a set of alcohol inks, alcohol ink blending solution, and three mini misters.  Isn't she awesome!?

I'm going to have so much fun with this stuff.  I already tried it out a little bit.  The butterfly on the white paper has two colors of perfect pearls on it.  The metallic square and ribbon in the front was colored with the alcohol inks.

She also gave me 16 flowers and all of the stuff to make more.  I made one these flowers and a butterfly at her house several years ago.  She hosted a class.  You can see the flower that I made in my craft room pics (first post).

gift from janet
She gave me supplies for making these flowers including three rolls of floral stem wrapping tape, pattern pieces, floral wire etc.  She used gold foil wrappers for the centers of some of the completed flowers.  This foil is meant for candy making.  You wrap the candy in it.  The inked square in the first photo is the back side of one of the candy wrappers.  I think I'll be able to do all sorts of interesting things with the wrappers.  She gave me two packages of them.

Again I say THANK YOU JANET!!!!!!

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  1. What a very kind and generous friend! Have fun your new supplies!