Monday, May 30, 2011

Pin cushion and shadow box

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a fun Memorial Day weekend.

I started this shadow box yesterday and finished it this morning.


Shadow box from Goodwill: $0.39 or $0.59
Dress form, pattern, tape measure, and scissors from Goodwill: $0.79
Buttons from stash: Free
Flowers from garage sale: less than $0.10
Thimble from sister in law: Free
Wood pieces from Goodwill: maybe $0.25
Earring from Estate sale: $0.15
Paper from scrapbooking stash: Free
Sewing pattern from Aunt Michele: Free

I painted the shadow box black after lightly sanding it.  Then I decoupaged pieces of a sewing pattern over the outside of the box.  The background is scrapbook paper made to look like an old catalog page.  I glued the buttons into a stack and then glued the stack onto the bottom of the box.  The dowel that is the base of the table was a scrap from my husbands wood shop.  I had a flower shaped wood cutout from Goodwill that I thought would work well as the table top.  So I had Les cut it down for me.  The chair was in the bag along with the flower cutout from Goodwill.  The thimble came from my sister in law.  I turned it upside down and glued in some garage sale flowers.  I took the post off the back of the earring and glued it to the back ground.  The picture in the center of the earring came from the G45 steampunk debutant paper.


I made this pin cushion this morning:

Candle holder from Goodwill: $0.59
Embroidered table runner from Aunt Michele: Free
White beads from necklace: Free
Small gold beads from swap: Free
Small amount crochet thread from stash: next to free
Polymer clay flat back pearls: small fraction of $2 block of clay
Button from stash

I did not paint the candle holder.  I like the color so I used it as inspiration for the rest of the project.  My Aunt gave me several table runners, table cloths etc.  This one had some damage so I decided to use the prettiest part of the embroidery.  I cut a large circle and made a running stitch around the edge.  I stuffed it with batting and pulled the thread to make the cushion.  It is hot glued to the bottom and around the inside edge of the candle holder.

Then I threaded some crochet thread through the holes of a button and then threaded the gold and white beads on that thread and tied at the bottom around another bead.  Then I hot glued the button on the under side of the candle holder.

The flat back pearls were made by rolling small balls of polymer clay and cutting them in half with a craft knife.  After baking I painted them with white and pearl colored paint.

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