Friday, May 13, 2011

Garage sale!

Hi everyone,

My town is having city wide garage sales this weekend.  We are having one at my house.  While my husband watched the sale today I went to several garage sales with one of my cousins.

We drove and walked alot today.  I had a great time!  Here are some of my finds:

I paid $0.50 for all three of these metal swags.  I will take them apart and maybe alcohol ink them.  They will make great additions to an altered box or frame.

I bought this jewelry box and a gift for my youngest sister at the same sale.  The two items together were $2.

The foam stickers were only $0.25 brand new.  My son and I can make some projects together.  The book was $0.10.  I like the illustrations.  My plan is to either scan some of the pages or take the book apart and use some of the pages.  Several of the pages having drawing on them.  Still work 10 cents I think.

There was a $0.25 sticker on this bead tie.  So I snatched it up.  Then the lady claimed that she didn't know how that sticker got on that item and said she needed $1 for it.  I asked her if she would take $0.50.  It is broken, of course, that doesn't matter to me.  I'm going to take it apart anyway.  She said she shouldn't.  She was just selling those for a sick friend.  She said, "I guess it doesn't matter.  It's not like she will know.  She's really sick and I'm just trying to help her out."  I don't know if she was telling the truth or just trying to make me feel guilty.  She ended up taking $0.50.  It's an interesting item.  My husband thinks I should keep it together.  We'll see.

This was one of my best finds.  The three drawers are divided containers with adjustable dividers.  The three containers and the holder was $3 total!  I was totally happy with that.  It is in perfect shape and very clean.  The tub sitting on top is one of about 15 containers of varying sizes.  I bought all 15 for $1.  They will be great for organizing my supplies.  I sorted all of my buttons in the divided containers by color.  That will really help me find what I need.  So excited!

I also bought my husband several letter stencils for his scroll saw projects along with a couple of project patterns.  Those were $2.25 all together.  I bought a sweater for myself.  One of my sisters is moving soon.  She asked me to watch for dishes and silverware.  I already bought her dishes from Goodwill.  Today I found a set of silverware with red handles in a silver organizer for $1! I sent her a picture message.  It turns out she is going to decorate her kitchen with a lot of red stuff.  So, that worked out well.  I just took a chance and bought them.  Then at another sale I found a red organizer that turns like a lazy susan.  It has several red kitchen utensils with it for $0.50

I had a great day!  Tomorrow I am staying home to work my own sale.  We only sold $16 worth of stuff today.  We live on a dead end so it is difficult to get a lot of people.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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