Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Craft projects and creative slump

Hi everyone,

I've been creating but I feel like every project is an epic fail.  Ugh.  Maybe it's just because I'm tired but I like these projects well enough in person but they look terrible in pictures.

The box came from Goodwill.  I covered it with buttons, a wood knob, and glitter/beads.  It needs something.
My Aunt gave me some good suggestions I just haven't finished it yet.

My Mom gave me the tin.  I bought the mini scrapbook years ago at Goodwill.  My sister-in-law gave me the wood pieces.  I just glued them on and put ribbon around the tin.  I need to add some finishing touches and cut the ribbon down on the book.

This is completely finished.  I'm happy with it.  I used the metal flowers that I bought this weekend at a yard sale.  I cut them apart and hot glued them onto the box.  I added some beads.  The ribbon around the box came from Hazel as part of the altered box of chocolates swap.  The box came from salvation army.  I got three boxes for $0.99.  I painted it black and put some copper paint on the edges.  This looks a lot better in person.

I bought the box at an estate sale for $0.25.  I really like the box so I didn't want to cover up the pictures.  I glued pearls (an old necklace from the same sale, $0.50) over the strings of pearls printed on the box.  I also put some lace around the lid.  The lid overlapped two much of the pictures on the side of the box so I added foam core blocks inside of the lid.  I covered the inside of the box with sheet music.

I bought this plastic frame at a garage sale for $0.05.  My Dad and step-Mom bought me a Harper's Bazar book for Christmas.  It has 1000 illustrations from Harper's Bazar (1867-1898).  So, I made a copy of one of the pages and glued it on to a cardboard backing.  Then I inked the paper with brown and green ink.  I also rubbed some white paint here and there.  I glued postcards from Charlton Park onto the paper after cutting the oval, distressing, and inking the cards.  I watched a few projects on You Tube lately where ladies have melted bees wax onto canvas projects.  Bees wax is expensive so I decided to use paraffin wax.  I already have some wax.  We made candles for Christmas gifts last year.  I colored the wax with old broken crayons.  I had some brown wax left over.  So, I melted that over the paper and cards.  Then I made the flowers using a Deed to Statue of Liberty I bought at the Charlton Park gift shop at least five years ago.  I cut the flowers on my Aunt's cricut.  I layered and waxed the flowers then glued them on with buttons glued on the center.  I LOVE the flowers.  The project as a whole is lacking something but it was my first try.  I will try again.  I already know a few things that I will do differently.

I have two other projects that I recently finished.  When I remember to take pictures I will share those too.  They turned out much better.  Why didn't I take pictures of those?  I don't know. :)

I hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Hmm, what slump??? Looks like you're being really creative to me and I like the altered frame best of all. Lucky you to have that Harper's Bazaar book! :-)

  2. Thanks. I'm glad you like it.