Sunday, May 8, 2011

Garage sale finds and craft projects

Hi everyone!

I went to some garage sales again yesterday.  I also received a package from an E-Bay seller.

There is a couple that had a sale last summer and again this spring.  They used to own a craft store and they still have lots of stuff including fabric, crochet thread, patterns etc etc.  I was looking at the packages of hankies and the man told me that there were 12 hankies in the package for $1.  I bought one package because I like to embroider hankies and crochet edges on them.  When I got home and opened the package it turned out that there are 24 in the package!  Not bad.  I got the towel hanger for 10 cents.

Friday I went to an estate sale and bought the box for $3 etc.  I went back yesterday with my Aunt.  They had a bunch of stuff marked down.  I bought these four necklaces for $0.50 each.  I will use these for all sorts of projects!

I was looking around and happened to look down and see this tin.  I never saw it Friday.  They had it marked $5 but had reduced it to $3.  My Aunt whispered, "Ask if she will take $2".  So, I asked and the lady was more than happy to sell the tin of buttons to me for $2!!  I was soooo excited.  There are some great buttons in there!


I bought this on E-bay during the week and received it yesterday.  I love the box and things I can fix the hole in the top.  There are fabulous buttons in this box.

Projects made from garage sale and Goodwill finds

This is the tin that I bought at Goodwill for $0.99.  I used:
Eyelet trim from Goodwill
Gold cord from Goodwill
Pearls from $0.50 garage sale necklace
Flowers from $3 garage sale box of goodies
Leaves from Goodwill flowers

I used perfect pearls on the flowers and leaves.

017If you look at my garage sale haul pics from Friday you will see a shiny gold framed mirror.  I painted the frame and added flowers etc.

These flowers came from a garage sale on Friday.  It was a pin or brooch.  My brother took the pin back apart for me.

This flower is made from the same flowers I used on the tin above.  They came from the estate sale on Friday.  I used gold perfect pearls and some watered down paint.  I mixed red and white paint with a little water to color the edges of these flowers and the flowers on the frame.  The center of the flower is a bead that was mixed into a huge container of rocks and flat marbles from Goodwill.  I made the stick pins with beads from my stash.  Some of those came from Goodwill as well.

I hope you like my projects!!!  PLEASE leave a comment!

Thanks everyone and I hope you are having a fabulous Mother's Day and weekend!


  1. More great finds and some fabulous crafting, too. I particularly like what you did with the mirror.

  2. Thank you! I'm really happy with it too.