Friday, May 20, 2011

Garage sales and Goodwill

Hi everyone,

Today my husband and I are celebrating our 11th anniversary.  We were going to go to an antique mall but it turns out that they are not open on Fridays!  So, we went to Goodwill and several garage sales in Charlotte, MI.

Here are some of the things that we found.  I didn't take pictures of everything.

I bought these two dolls at the last sale.  The big one was $1 and the small one was $0.50.  I hoped to use them on a project but they are a little too big.  I love them though and think they look really cute leaning against my vase.  At the same sale I also bought a book called Old-Fashioned Ribbon Art by Ribbon Art Publishing Company.  It was published in 1986 but it has a lot of old illustrations in it.  I plan to copy some of the images for use in various projects.  Maybe I'll learn a little about ribbon art also.  The book was $0.25.

The weaving kit in the purple case was $1 at a garage sale and the black box was from Goodwill for $0.79.

I bought all of these to make altered projects.  The bird house type thing was $0.50 at a garage sale.  The rest of it came from Goodwill for $0.59 or $0.39 each.  The three boxes in the center came together for one price.

All of this was free.  I think my best find of the day was the Modern Dressmaking book.  It has a copyright date of 1940.  It has great illustrations and an entire section of advice regarding posture, charm etc.  It talks about the way you should sit, dress, undress, walk, cross your legs etc etc.  I've found similar books online for $15 - $75.  This one isn't in the greatest shape.  There are some ripped pages.  I plan to keep it.  Again, I will copy some of the pages for projects.

I also bought:

two belts to use in projects $0.39 each
framed cross stitched bird
bracelet to take apart for projects
a carrying case with two decks of cards, a pencil, and a small pad of paper for keeping score
Five free National Geographic magazines

Les and I had a lot of fun visiting and walking for sale to sale.  They are having city wide garage sales in Charlotte this weekend.


  1. Congratulations Kerri and Les on your anniversary. May you have many, many more to come! :-) Glad you had fun and you got some great bargains. Love the birdhouse especially. YOu are going to have a great time altering that!

  2. Thank you! I have some ideas already. I have tons of stuff to alter now!