Monday, April 11, 2011

Shabby chic inspired box

I made this using one of the boxes from my March 12, Crafts and Books post.  The trim is from the free place mat that I got this weekend.  It is pictured in my post from earlier today.

I painted the box with a thin coat of white acrylic paint.  Then I brushed streaks of light brown and blue paint.  The knob is screwed to the flap of the box so I took that off and painted it white.  When I put the knob back on I threaded the screw through one of the blue circles on the lace trim.  I cut the trim off flush with the sides of the flap and used parts of the cut off pieces for the sides of the box and for decoration behind the flower.  The elastic cord that fits over the knob to hold the box closed was brown.  So, I crocheted a scallop trim over the elastic cord.  I hot glued the paper flowers and pearl beads for accents. I also glued a button over top of the knob.  I painted the button white and then sprayed it with blue homemade glimmer mist  Then I painted it with white perfect pearls.  The trim at the bottom of the box and along the top of the lace trim is vintage trim that I bought at Goodwill a long time ago.  It's vintage trim that was unopened and marked with an original price of 15 cents.

This whole project cost me less than $1.

Please tell me what you think.  Should I add something else to it?



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