Sunday, April 3, 2011

craft room closet organization

Hi everyone,

My husband made a closet organization system for me today.  He started it last night and finished it today.  It took me a while to get everything all put away and neatly organized.  I'm really happy with this though.  I ended up sorting out two medium size boxes of stuff to donate to Goodwill.  I also have two drawers full of things to sell or gift.

My wide angle camera lens isn't working so I couldn't get the entire closet in one picture.

The top shelf is full of things that I don't need everyday:

1) Binders that need to be covered or painted for scrapbooks.  My sister in law gets them from the law library where she works.  They throw them away so she saves them for me.
2) My husband and brother's old birthday cards and baby books
3) Duplicate photos and negatives
4) Yarn for a future crochet blanket project
5) Plastic potholder loom, knitting kit, and paper making supplies
6) Grandpa's candy dish.

The next shelf down has five cubbies for crochet thread sorted by color.

The third shelf has craft books, some of my son's kidergarten papers, small photo albums and scrapbooks.  The black organizer is full of papers that I want to add to our family scrapbooks.

Shelf number four has flower making supplies, homemade bias tape, lace, and ribbon.

Shelf five has paints, jeans to repair, flowers, fabric for making lollipop flowers, a glue gun, and a heat tool.

I have batting, stuffing, jean material, and a couple of clock faces on the floor.  I also have a white plastic cabinet with three drawers.   The top drawer is full of t-shirts for reconstruction projects.  The second and third drawers are full of projects to gift or sell.


The right side is hanging storage.   The white things hanging down is an organizer that I bought at goodwill for $0.99 a couple of weeks ago.  I filled it with lace and ribbon.  The blue unit holds most of my yarn.  The fabric on the right is most of the fabric that I have.  It includes some vintage embroidered pillowcases, table runners, place mats etc.

I feel so much better now that this room is organized again.  My husband is awesome!


  1. Wow! That looks so organised! Well done to you and hubby and you both did it SO quickly. Funnily enough, I have given the same request to my other half - to sort me out some shelves so that I can get organised. Now, let's see, how long ago was that . . . ? Hmmm, think i'll have to refer him to this blog post and maybe it'll shame him into getting started! LOL

  2. Yes, shame! That might work.