Friday, April 1, 2011

I went to the thrift store!

Hi everyone!

Is anyone out there?  I know Hazel and Janet read my blog.  Does anyone else?  I'm just wonderin'.

Okay.  So, I went to the Goodwill today. Twice.

I went once after getting groceries and then I went again later with my mother-in-law.  She need shirts for work and found a really cute sweater.

Of course, I was looking for crafty things.  I was also looking for a brooch to wear when I am working at Historic Charlton Park.  I think the jewelry is a little overpriced.  The brooches are $0.99.  I found out later that the earrings are $0.99 also.  I should have just bought a pair of big earrings and had two brooches.  They had some earrings that would have probably worked.  Oh well.

So, this is what I bought.


A lot of people use old sheet music for mixed media and altered art projects.  I really like that idea so when I saw these music books I got really excited.  The books at my goodwill are 4 for $0.99.  I bought these three and a book for my son.  The copyright dates are 1922 and 1945.  I don't know the date on the third book.  I googled the books.  The one of the left and the one in the middle are listed online for $12 to $18 each.  I couldn't find the third one.  So, I might sell those two instead. 

I'm going to try to dull the finish on the brooch a bit.  The necklace was $1.99.  It has four lockets.  I think the lockets would work well for mini scrapbooks and altered boxes.  They could also be used for other jewelry pieces.  The chain could be used for all sorts of things.  I would never wear this necklace as is!

The vial has earrings bags and blanks in it along with a pin back.  It was $0.59.


  1. I picked up an old Christmas song book at a yard sale just to use on cards and altered projects.

  2. Update: I sold one of the books for $0.99 plus shipping but the two on the right have not sold. I think I'll just keep them for crafting.