Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goodwill and Ebay haul

Hi everyone,

I don't usually buy  things from ebay but I've been trying to sell things lately so I started looking for a few things.  I found two things I really wanted.  Also, one of my brothers went to Goodwill with me today.  He didn't buy anything but he helped me buy things!

Eddie found the snowman boxes and handed them to me.  He said, "Here, I know you'll want nesting boxes!"  He knows me so well.  I didn't realize that it was a snowman until we were at checkout.  It won't stay a snowman.  I will probably alter the boxes in four different ways.  It is a cute snowman though.

Snowman (4 boxes): $1.99
Green ribbon: $0.59
Paper flowers: $1.99

E-bay (including shipping)
Paper bags: $5.79
Cameo brooch: $3.99

The paper flowers are meant to be for gift wrapping.  They were in a bag marked S/16 paper roses gift bows, Made in China.  I really like the colors.  They were a little smooshed in the bag but I'm sure I can fluff them up and make them beautiful again.  They will probably see a fair amount of glitter, perfect pearls etc.

I really love this brooch.  It's small and perfect for wearing when I volunteer at Charlton Park.  I LOVE cameos.  I have two cameo necklaces but I didn't have a pin. 

Okay, now I need to craft craft craft!!

Some of the paper bags are going to become paper bag albums. I have already made two.  They will not be pictured here though.  Hopefully, they will be part of a tutorial I wrote for

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