Friday, April 8, 2011

Altered Spool

When I showed this project to my brother he had three things to say:

1.) It's obvious you used toilet paper rolls
2.) It's gaudy
3.) It looks like a child's craft project

Well, I disagree.

I have been thinking of ways to reuse all sorts of items around the house for a long time.  Then I watched a few altered spool videos on You Tube.  I decided to make my "altered spool" out of toilet paper rolls and cereal box board.

Two rolls would be too tall and one is too short so I cut one roll in half and glued the roll ends together and covered them in scrapbook paper.  Then I cut two circles out of an old cereal box and covered those with paper.

The "spool" features two pictures of my Grandma Rugg.  She was an amazing person.  I picked two of my favorite pictures of her.  I embellished it with the following:

1.) Two pair of her earrings (not permanently attached)
2.)  Some of her crochet thread and one of her crochet hooks (not permanently attached)
3.) Flowers and frames cut with Aunt Michele's cricut
4.) Scrapbook paper, paper doilies and beads from my stash
5.) Homemade glimmer mist
6.) Words that describe her printed on white paper and inked with brown and blue ink
7.) The thread card/holder that has crochet thread wrapped around it was printed from a free collage sheet.  The collage sheet was offered free on You Tube from emeliemaccie

This project is going to be be displayed in my craft room.



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