Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Napkin art box

I used one of the napkins that Hazel gave me to make this box.  The box was part of a set of three nesting boxes that I bought at Salvation Army for $1.

These are the supplies that I used:
Two shades of green paint
White paint
Mod Podge
Perfect Pearls
Wooden knob
Pearl bead sprays




This project was a lot of fun.  I made it start to finish this morning.

I painted the entire box, inside and out, with dark green paint.  Then I used a lighter shade of green and just brushed the color randomly around the box.  Once that was mostly dry I used a wet paint brush to outline and tear the flowers out of the napkin.  I decoupaged the flowers onto the box.  Once I brushed over the flowers to seal them in they lost their definition. So, I painted white spots around the box and glued more flowers over top.  That gave the box a nice dimensional look.  I also painted and rubbed both greens and the white paint in random areas around and over the flowers.

I painted the knob white and glued a flower over the top of the knob.  I took the pearl sprays from my wedding bouquet and glued them like flower petals under the knob.  The lace was glued to the bottom of the knob and then glued on top of the pearls.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  Half way through I though it was going to be hideous and that I was going to have to paint over it.  But now I really like it.

Anyone want it?  I made because I want to make it not because I need it.

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  1. love it kerri,
    great bargin yet again.
    can you believe there is a garage sale trail in my suburb this weekend and i will be away! oh all the bargains i'll be missing out on....:(