Saturday, April 23, 2011

Altered drink coaster

Hi everyone!

I made another decorative tile.

This could be used an decoration on my wall or as a cover for a mini.

I think I will hang it up for now and then change it to a mini cover some day.

altered coaster tile

My last post showed some things I bought at Goodwill including some coasters/beer mats.  I used one of them as the base for this tile.

I covered the coaster with pieces of sheet music and inked it with two shades of brown and some blue ink.  Then I covered a smaller square of foam core with some more sheet music and inked it the same way.  I glued the foam core square onto the coaster and then covered the small square with ribbon. 

A fellow raveler (Liz) sent me some beautiful brown ribbon.  I cut that ribbon into shorter lengths and weaved it together.  I hot glued it around the edges.

Next, I glued a couple of stick pins that I made under a large button.  The button came from another Raveler (Hazel).  The last thing I added was a flat back marble from Goodwill.

coaster: $0.04
sheet music: $0.01
foam core: I have had it for several years and have no idea how much I paid for it.  There are just scraps left.
ribbon: free
beads: super cheap or free
corsage pins: free
button: free
flat marble: $0.01

So, I made this project for less than $0.10

Let me know what you think.

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