Friday, June 24, 2011

More garage sale finds!

Hi everyone,

I went to a yard sale this morning where everything was 50 cents!  They had some great stuff.  I bought a photo album, cake carrier, cupcake carrier, a shelf, butterflies, shutter, and stool for $3.50.


This little shelf was this color.  I didn't do anything to it.  The bottles are the ones that my Aunt gave to me during her yard sale.  Another Aunt has a ton of embossing powder and let me take some of each color.  I am using these bottles to store it.

My Aunt Sheila was at a yard sale where a lady was selling her cricut.  I got the little cricut with one cartridge and the Design Studio software.  She bought it a year ago for about $155.  I got a good deal.  It had never been opened.  I opened all of the packaging and took the cardboard out etc.  It is all brand new.

The same Aunt told me about a huge crafting sale.  A lady's mother in law must have crafted constantly.  They have a huge garage packed full of craft supplies.  The prices were really good too.  They had a ton of fabric, lace, and trim.  They were selling the lace for 10 or 20 cents per yard depending on the width.

I got the red scrapbook and a deck of card for free.  The clothes pins in this picture were 50 cents.  I got twice as many regular clothes pins with the metal piece for 25 cents.  The book in this picture is all about the year 1946.  It's an encyclopedia Brittanica, Book of the Year.  It was $1.

The lace/trim that I bought at that sale is on the right.  It cost $3.  The lace on the left came from Goodwill for $1.99.  That's the only thing I bought at Goodwill today.

This melting pot was $1 at the crafty sale.  It was marked $5.99 from Michaels.

I watch alot of craft, goodwill, and thrift store hauls on You Tube.  A lot of those ladies would have gone NUTS over the lace at this sale.  There was a ton of it and it was gorgeous.  The price wasn't bad either.

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