Saturday, June 4, 2011

Finished Projects

Hi everyone,

Here are some projects that I recently finished.

Before.  I bought this at Goodwill for $0.39


This project was inspired by my great Aunt Helen.  She was actually my Great Grandma's Aunt.  I was privileged to know her.  He passed away around the time I graduated from High School.  She was a fantastic lady.  She helped her husband build and run two successful businesses then she became a nurse.  She loved furs, pearls, and diamonds.  But she also loved dogs, camping, and swimming.  When I knew her she had trouble seeing well so she had to wear both contacts and eye glasses in order to read the books she loved so much.  She was extremely nice, smart, funny, and sharp tongued!  She didn't hesitate to tell you if you were doing something she didn't like.  I loved that about her.  You always knew just were you stood.  No guessing necessary.  I admire that.

I made this out of any old book cover for my beautiful cousin, Stephanie.

I painted it with some red paint and then gesso once the paint dried.  Then I decoupaged the butterflied from a napkin over the gesso.  Once all of that was dry I painted it with several colors of water color paint.  Then I decoupaged yellow tissue paper and her name.  The letters were cut with my Aunt's cricut.  The two pieces of flower jewelry that hold the 4x6 picture came from the box of jewelry that Janet gave me.  The napkin came from a swap with Hazel.  I also decoupaged squares of the white part of the napkin in a random pattern over the book before painting it with the water color.  I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  She is going to display pictures in it at her open house.

I bought two of these clipboards from Goodwill a while ago.  I paid $0.99 each.  I've had a plan for them since shortly after I bought them.  Now I have finally started those projects.

This isn't the greatest picture.  I need to take my pics outside during the day but I never remember to do that.

I recently got an 8x10 picture.  It came in a large envelope with a piece of light weight chipboard.  I cut the chip board to size for the cover of this scrapbook.  It will be a book of my craft projects.  My husband will have one for his projects too.  I started mine first because I need his help with the cover of his book.  He was busy today. 

I covered the chip board with some scrapbook paper that I have had forever.  Then I wrote all over the paper with a black sharpie marker.  I painted white gesso over the writing.  I also scraped the gesso around so there would be thick and thin spots.  After the gesso was dry I lightly sanded it and decoupaged a piece of a sewing pattern over everything.  Again, I sanded it a little once everything was dry.  I inked the edges with some Tim Holtz distress ink.  After all of that, the base was finished.  Now the embellishing started.

My husband cut a wooden spool in half for me.  I inked it and wrapped some crochet thread around it.  I just bought the flowers at Michaels this weekend.  The key has been in my husband's workshop and then in my craft room for a while.  The buttons are from my stash.  The letters that are a little difficult to see in the pic have been in my stash for probably 8 years.  I've used several of them but I still have a bunch left.  I think they look great on the cover.  The dress form is from the Tim Holtz cling stamp, Seamless Experience.  I stamped it, cut it out and inked the edges.  The cameo that I glued over the dress form came from a package I bought from VintageInspireCreate on Ebay.  She is also MrsMcCabeScraps on You Tube.  I love her videos.  I bought a box of various craft supplies from her.  She goes to Goodwill and a flea market alot and gets great deals on really interesting things. 

That's just he cover now I need to make all of the pages. 

I hope you enjoy my projects.  I'm happy with the way they turned out.

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