Friday, February 25, 2011

Yet another Goodwill haul


017$0.59  When I picked this up I thought it was just a length of chain.  I plan to use it for mini scrapbooks etc.  When I opened the bag I realized that it's two necklaces!  So, I have two clasps and several sizes of chain to use on projects.  I'll take it all apart and use the lengths that I need for each project.  Not bad for 59 cents!

$1.99  So, this works out to $0.50 per spool of ribbon/thread.  There isn't much of the crochet thread left but there is tons of that ribbon.  Isn't the lace awesome!  The black ribbon is faded on the outside but the rest isn't.

There was a big box full of beads, craft tools etc for $15.99 but I didn't buy that.  I try not to spend that much.

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