Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Denim rag bag

This bag was made like a denim rag quilt.  I clipped all of the seam allowances then washed and dried it so it would fray.


This pic shows the pocket.  The fabric sticking out of the pocket is the left over lining fabric.

I sewed the three zipper parts together and then sewed them on the front of this purse to make a pocket.  The button for the closure is covered with a piece of the lining fabric.  The button hole is the button hole cut from a pair of jeans.  The handles are seams.  The pink flower is ribbon that I gathered and stitched to the button and a backing from an old piece of jewelry.  So, the flower can be pinned onto anything.

This bag would be cute for a little girl.  It might end up with one of my nieces.  If they need another bag! :)

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