Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Craft supply organization

Hello!  There are lots of ways to organize craft supplies.  I like to use re-purposed things to organize my supplies.  I'll show you what I mean.

My Mom gave me two of these Towne Club crates.  I use one to organize some of my rubber stamps.  The other one is full of ribbon.


Here is a link to information about Towne Club.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Towne_Club
I remember going to a store with my parents when I was a kid to buy Towne Club pop.  It must have been 1983-1985.  Anyway, my Mom had two of the crates.  She can't remember how she ended up with them.  I didn't want her to throw them out so I took them.  They work great for organizing my ribbon and stamps.


My husband's sister and her husband gave us a crate full of wood scraps.  My husband uses them for small woodworking projects.  He likes to make desk clocks and other decorative items.  The crate had been sitting outside for a long time.  I brought it in the house, washed it, oiled the wood, and decoupaged the label.  It was peeling up in a few places.  How great does this look!?


It holds books, book covers, and boxes that I alter for various projects.

I bought a shoe organizer at goodwill for $2 and stuffed it full of yarn. 
It hangs almost to the floor of my closet.

Other organization ideas:
Use an old entertainment center to organize and display supplies and completed projects
Fill baby food jars with paper clips, beads, brads etc.  I hot glued the lids to the bottom of a shelf.
Canning jars are great for keeping all of your buttons, safety pins etc all in one place.

One last idea.  I use an old wooden spool of thread and a stray double point knitting needle to organize some of my bobbins.  I put the knitting needle in the hole of the spool then just put a bunch of bobbins on the needle. It looks neat and keeps the bobbins organized.

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