Monday, February 7, 2011

T-shirt reconstruction projects

My sister-in-law recently gave me a bunch of t-shirts to use for projects.  I have made jean and t-shirt rag quilts before.  I wanted to try some other types of projects with the t-shirts.  So, checked two books out at the library.  They are Generation T, beyond fashion (120 new ways to transform a T-shirt) by Megan Nicolay and Generation T (108 ways to transform a T-shirt) also by Megan Nicolay. 

These books are giving me lots of ideas.  I made a bag from one of the designs then used the books as inspiration to design my own reconstruction shirt for myself.

This is the bag.  I think it's cute.  It could be embellished in a million different ways.


I want to do something else to the t-shirt but I'm not sure what yet.

jean and tshirt rag quilt (1)This is the t-shirt and denim rag quilt that I made over a year ago.  I really love it!  The plan was to sell it but then I couldn't give it up!

I'm going to keep practicing with the t-shirts.  One more is finished and waiting for a model before I post pics. 

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