Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Blog post

I've never blogged before but I enjoy reading blogs.  I have been watching alot of videos on You Tube from other crafters etc.  I've been really inspired by them.  I do not have a video camera and no money to get one anytime soon so I decided to blog instead.

I plan to share my craft projects and my thrift store and garage sale hauls.

So the first thing I want to share is my craft room.


This is a close up of one of the walls in my craft room.  My husband made the shelf about 10 years ago. It was for holding CDs.  I knocked the bottom decorative piece off of it, painted it, and mounted it horizontally for additional storage.  On the top there is a wooden spool with a stray knitting needle in it.  The needle is holding lots of bobbins.  The blue canning jar was given to me by my fabulous Aunt Michele.  It holds all of my buttons.


This is the same wall.  I bought my sewing desk at Goodwill for $6!!  My sister in law gave me the sewing machine and about half of my sewing thread.


This is my crochet corner.  I mostly crochet but I do know how to knit. I want to learn to tat.  Anyway, the table on the left of the pic was my Great Grandma Smith's table.  She always kept her knitting and crochet supplies in that table.  She also kept a view master and booties (slippers) in there.  My brother and I would come in from playing in the snow.  We would put our booties on and look at the view master while visiting with Grandma.  Those are great memories.  So, now I have the table.  I keep my knitting, crochet, and view master supplies there! :)


This huge entertainment center is terrific for organizing my craft supplies and finished scrapbooks.  I really love it.  My Aunt Sandy bought a house that was full of stuff.  The previous owner had passed away and her family didn't want to clean the house out.  So, they sold it completely furnished and then some.  This was left there.  Aunt Sandy gave it to me.


This is my scrapbooking area.  The desk is an old Steelcase desk.  I'm probably had it for 6 or 7 years.  A woman posted it at work.  Free to anyone that was willing to pick it up.  We did.  I love it.  The shelf is full of completed scrapbooks.

That's my craft room.  I love it.  I just finished organizing it again.

I have a ton of jeans and t-shirts that I would like to use in crafts.  I have made a few denim rag quilts, denim purses etc.  Does any one have any jean and t-shirt crafting ideas?


  1. I have recently started collecting old shirts to cut into yarn (tarn as some call it) I have seen cute bags knitted out of it and rugs. I think I am going to crochet a rug and some mats for the dogs put of it. Some sew them into scarves kind of like a quilt. I have also seen people cut out the large squares (album size) and make quilts out of them.

  2. I have made one jean and t-shirt rag quilt. I have also made some tarn and made one project from that. You've made me think though. I think a tarn bathroom mat would be really nice! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Isn't it great to have your own room for all your stuff? The guys have their garages and/or pole barns. My office is my haven. I love it!

    Pat from Ionia

  4. I LOVE having a room for all of my crafty stuff. It was all over the house. That was a pain.