Sunday, January 30, 2011

Apron and bias tape


My Aunt Michele and I both love to scrapbook, sew, garage sale shop, and thrift store shop.  We have lots of fun doing these things together.  But when we are shopping on our own we make sure to look for certain things for each other.  I am always on the look out for bias tape for AM (Aunt Michele).  She looks out for things for me when I ask her to.

She needs lots of bias tape for dresses that she makes and donates to charity.  A while back we watched You Tube videos showing how to make your own bias tape.  I finally tried it out.  It worked very well.  I used this video,
I watched a video about ironing the bias tape using a straight pin and an ironing board.  I didn't save that video.  But that's the method I used to make a bunch of bias tape.  AM also had a bias tape maker that she got at a yard sale.  I will try the bias tape maker in the next couple of days.

I used some of the bias tape I made to make the ties on this apron:
I just made this apron today.  I used fabric that Mom gave me, lace trim from AM, blue lace from Goodwill, and a 10 cent garage sale hankie.  The idea to use the hankie as the pocket came from aprons that I saw at the antique mall yesterday.  They had some really great vintage aprons.

I think the apron turned out really nice.  What do you think?

My plan is to share most, if not all of my projects on my blog.  What types of projects would you like to see?

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